Pretreatment of all metals in one quick and easy step


Degreasing, cleaning and pre-treatment of metal surfaces is an essential process prior to painting in order to ensure high quality finished products.

There are many outdated and costly methods of metal pretreatment, generally using toxic metal phosphating, such as Iron or Zinc phosphate systems, which employ high temperatures and hazardous chemicals. They generate emissions, waste and rely on large amounts of water. They are unpleasant to use and can be dangerous to health in use and in disposal.

All of which results in increased production costs and inconvenience.

Envirometal Technologies offer a modern solution in the form of their unique, patented multi metal pre-treatment system, PLAFORIZATION. Plaforization is a unique degreasing, cleaning and corrosion-proofing treatment for all metal products in the same single process. When dipped or sprayed with our patented fluids at ambient temperature, surfaces are degreased, cleaned and polymerised. They are thereforeprotected and prepared in a single operation with no heat for the immediate or future application of either powder paint or liquid paint. They will not flash rust from the moment that they are sprayed or dipped, unpainted, normally for 6 months if this is necessary.

Envirometal Technologies are the sole providers of the Plaforization system in the UK and Ireland. Please click on our ‘process explained’ section to discover how this exciting, inexpensive, proven and and reliable technology works and how it can help you.

Our pretreatment systems in action


The system is innovative, with all the benefits of a dip tank with top loading via flight bars but no water, no sludge to dispose of, no emissions and no local authority licenses required
Dave HepburnMD, LBL Tomburn


Plaforization is a unique and patented treatment for multi metal products which, when dipped or sprayed with our patented metal preteatment fluids at ambient temperature, are degreased, phosphated/polymerised, protected…



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