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About Us

Envirometal Technologies are the sole distributors for ChemtecSrl in the UK and Ireland. Chemtec was founded in Italy in 2010 when they brought together a group of chemists with many years of experience in the field of surface pretreatment. Chemtec specialises in the production of innovative, environmentally friendly products which reduce production costs, reduce emissions and energy consumption, eliminate titration, analysisand water use, and result in a higher quality preparation of surfaces prior to painting.

Chemtec scientists invented the first generation of innovative,patented PLAFORIZATION technology, Pai-Korâ„¢, 30 years ago. The range has been extended and now includes a wide range of organic pre-treatment products which gives complete flexibility to support a wide range of applications, replacing conventional phosphating systems.

Envirometal Technologies provide a free of charge trial of their products, with yours. We will work with you to ensure that you become completely confident in the process that we propose, however long that takes. We can arrange salt spray and other tests at independent laboratories.

Should you decide to change to our products we will supply what you need or advise and oversee your own staff, manufacturing and installing the equipment and all aspects of switching over from your current system.

Additionally a free of charge analysis of your product is provided by our Chemtec lab weekly, monthly (during early stages) and three monthly to ensure ongoing high quality.

In addition to our unique PLAFORIZATION range we also provide conventional pre-treatment solutions, paint stripping chemicals and waste water treatments. All of which are formulated to guarantee the highest level of performance with low energy consumption and environmental impact.


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