Pretreatment of all metals in one quick and easy step


Installation at Spirax Sarco UK

August was a very busy month for us here at Envirometal Tech the highlight being the installation of a brand new bespoke pretreatment dip tank system at Spirax Sarco UK. The customers were previously having huge problems with quality control of painted products when using their previously outdated metal phosphating system. They were experiencing paint fading in a matter of weeks which did not meet their high standards. They therefore approached us for a solution. We were happy to perform trials using our air drying Toran 3A product and introduced them to a number of existing customers who could talk them through how our technology has helped improve their quality control in addition to reducing costs and saving time and space.

The installation process took less than a week and Spirax Sarco are now up and running with their brand new room temperature pretreatment system which replaces their old multi step metal phosphating process. See the pictures below of our happy work force during the installation!

IMG_0666 IMG_0671


Nanotechnology in the field of Metal Preparation

We are pleased to announce an innovative new pretreatment technology developed exclusively in the ChemTec labs in Milan. ‘ORGASIL’ is a silane pretreatment based technology which creates a transparent nanometric layer on rinsed and cleaned surfaces providing over 1000 hours salt spray protection. As with our outstanding one step pretreatment technology, ORGASIL has all the following advantages:

  • works at ambient temperature
  • no sludge
  • multimetal process
  • provides excellent corrosion resistance
  • Easy maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Improved process quality
  • Enviromentally friendly

ORGASIL is 100% organic, no metals are used, and is stable over a wide range of pHs. Furthermore, your system can be adapted for use with ORGASIL to completely eliminate all waste water production.

Click below to see more information on how to convert your system to an ORGASIL based ‘Zero Reject System’

ORGASIL Nano Pretreatment Technology

Our new paint stripping technology

With all Envirometal Technology’s products we strive for 5 things:

  • excellent performance and quality
  • cost effectiveness
  • ease of use
  • non-toxic
  • minimal enviromental impact

Our new range of Svertec paint strippers fit perfectly within our vision and we are delighted to see it is being used more and more by customers old and new throughout the UK. Visit our paint stripping technology page for more information.

We have a new advert!

Have a look here. It will be appearing on the back page of Surface World magazine and Finishing magazine so keep an eye out and get in touch!

Our new advert 2016 

Made in the Midlands Exhibition 2016

We had a great day in Wolverhampton at the MIM expo 2016 in May. We caught up with some existing customers and also spoke with a number of manufacturers who are currently struggling with conventional metal phosphating systems and would benefit from our innovative one step degreasing, cleaning and pretreatment system.

Production going strong at Eaton Cooper B-Line Ltd

We recently travelled down to Highbridge in Somerset to visit Eaton Cooper B-Line Ltd, where, in the summer of 2015, a bespoke Envirometal Technologies batch processor EcoJet was installed. We were pleased to see that all is going well and they have increased production. They are very pleased with their new one step metal pretreatment system as it has saved them time, space and money.

EcoJet batch processor

Installation of an EcoTunnel at USystems Ltd

In 2015 Envirometal Technologies were delighted to be involved in USystems’ move to their new premises and installation of a brand new metal pretreatment system prior to powder coating. USystems chose to install a conveyorised EcoTunnel for use with our Ecophor B700 technology, providing far superior cleaning and preparation compared to their previous multi stage phosphating system


Order from Cab Auto of Tipton

Envirometal Technologies have secured an order from Cab Auto of Tipton, near Birmingham, for the supply and installation of an Automatic Powder Coating facility, including an environmentally-friendly, ambient application system with air-drying metal degreasing and polymer pre-treatment; a stainless steel auto-recovery powder booth with automatic powder application system; high temperature curing oven, and a powered floor conveyor.

The innovative installation is contained within a very small footprint, compared with conventional multi-stage heated aqueous systems, allowing the whole installation, capable of handling millions of parts per annum, to occupy just 30m x 8m.

This has been achieved through close co-operation between the representatives of Cab Auto and Envirometal Technologies together with the other partners, CPA Contractors of Lutterworth who designed the bespoke materials-handling and conveyor systems, and Delta Process Systems who are providing the paint application and curing systems.

The pre-treatment system allows for improved paint adhesion and corrosion protection with no waste products of any kind.

Signs and Screen Printers

Conveyorised Ecophor Plant goes into operation at Signs and Screen Printers Birmingham in their Powder Coating facility.

Pym and Wildsmith

New facility commences operation protecting components for agricultural equipment, achieving in excess of 1000 hours salt spray protection.

pym and wildsmith image


LBL Finishers

New dip plant goes into full production treating steel components destined for Stannah Stairlifts Limited.