Pretreatment of all metals in one quick and easy step

Paint Stripping Technology

The SVERTEC range

Paints and other coatings accumulated on plugs and masking systems are likely to create aesthetical defects in the coating being applied to critical products. At a certain level of Industry this is completely unacceptable and will result in high volumes of rejected parts, with exceptional cost implications and ultimately endangering that very line of business.

Envirometal Technologies provide a range of highly effective non-toxic liquid paint strippers for use with all metals or silicone maskings. Our products are specially formulated to remove all paint at room or low temperature with a treatment time of as little as 20 to 40 minutes with no damage to or softening of the masks or plugs. The Svertec range of paint strippers contain no chlorinated, halogenated, carcinogenic substances and are completely NMP-free.

Along with our range of paint stripping products we also provide bespoke application equipment. These can be made to your specifications and can also be fitted with a filter press so that product can be continuously reused saving costs.

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