Pretreatment of all metals in one quick and easy step

Pretreatment Process

Our Pretreatment Process Explained

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Plaforization is a unique and patented treatment for multi metal products which, when dipped or sprayed with our patented metal preteatment fluids at ambient temperature, are degreased, phosphated/polymerised, protected and prepared, in one, single operation, for the immediate or future application of either powder or liquid paint.

There are a range of products based on this technology, Pai-kor, Ecophor and Toran 3.

Protection lasts for months even without the application of any paint or powder.

The systems use a different mix of organic resins, polyphosphates, phosphoric acid and a resin diluted in an equal mixture of fluids to give a range of treatments to suit the individual requirements of our customers.

The part is degreased and phosphated in a single unheated stage; drying then polymerises the resin. Pai-kor and Ecophor resin etches into the metal by means of the acid, bonding to the metal layer. Toran 3 does not contain phosphoric acid but works in a double-cure system with Powder Paint

Greases and oils on the metal are dissolved and chemically transformed to form part of the clear protective layer laid down on the product which is impervious to water and gives high adhesion for paint. Any dirt, dust or metal particles are washed from the product and then filtered out.

Plaforization™ does not generate any waste for notifiable disposal. No sludge, no waste water, no VOC.

The bath therefore has an almost unlimited life and just needs topping up periodically to maintain levels and concentrations without the need for expensive titration checks. There is a free of charge three monthly analysis of the chemistry by the manufacturer.

We have products which range from Air-Drying, to Low-temperature Oven-drying, which gives us complete flexibility to support a wide range of applications.